How to check and refill oil in your car

I was driving yesterday and my car started making a crazy a noise and the oil light was blinking telling me “STOP-ENGINE OFF” so I screamed and pulled over to turn my car off.

This happened to me when I had my 1991 VW GTi so I knew what the deal was. I went to a gas station, bought 1 quart of 5w 30 oil (that’s what is in my car) then put that bitch in. My car is due for an oil change anyway so this will hold me over until my lazy ass does it.

VWs are known for having glitches, and I was coming off the freeway, so the fluids in my car weren’t level which could also cause a false alarm, but my car was also very low on oil anyway. Oops.

If this happens to you, don’t freak out and have your car towed to a mechanic. Save some money by checking the oil and refilling it yourself. Most of the time car issues are simple problems that can be fixed on your own. No clue how to work on a car? Watch YouTube tutorials.

I auto-crossed and have experience working on my own cars, so I know the basic stuff. Checking oil is very simple though. There should be enough oil on the dipstick to cover halfway between “min” and “max.”



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