Fiat Lux Jewelry Giveaway! Yay!

Did I spell jewelry right? Who cares! My friends own an amazing shop in San Francisco- Fiat Lux.Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.28.11 PM
They’re giving away a 14k SOLID GODDAMNED GOLD 4-point black diamond compass ring and a pair of 14k yellow black diamond bar stud earrings. That’s almost $600 of stuff. Black and Gold Friday y’allz!

Here’s how to win: From now until Sunday at midnight follow @fiatluxsf on Twitter and Instagram, leave a comment below on my blog with your Twitter name, and you’ll be entered to win. I KNOW you’re not too lazy to do that.

Go to their site on Monday to find out if you’re the big winner.

Oh and also EVERYTHING in their store is 10% off and shipping is free until Sunday at midnight. They have some really great quality stuff on their site.

I own the ring and earrings and I love the shit out of them. I FINALLY got my ears pierced a few days ago just so I could wear the earrings. I’m not fucking around. I’m not a huge jewelery wearer but I love this ring so much. It’s simple but really beautifully made. There’s diamonds in it that shit. I bet Rihanna would wear it.



43 thoughts on “Fiat Lux Jewelry Giveaway! Yay!

  1. Twitter : @pattyjmc Instagram: @pattyjmc

    Learned about fiat lux from a friend in SF; beautiful and elegant designs. Congrats also on the launch of the webstore earlier this month!


  2. I adore Fiat Lux! And just lost an hour reading your blog. Love it when awesome people know each other šŸ™‚ @lightexposures for both Twitter and Instagram.

  3. So I started following you a few years back after reading about you and that d-bag on the airplane. It’s been fun; you seem to be living a pretty neat life. It’s short right, so why the hell not?

    I want to enter my name in that jewelry contest! My twitter name is: @heidi11hawkins

    You’re great. Keep it up.


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