Vlog attempt #1

Apparently if you’re an even remotely attractive chick you should have videos of yourself on the internet doing things. I’m really good at impressions so I wanted to share some with you.


10 thoughts on “Vlog attempt #1

  1. These impressions While not spot on… WOULD BE AMAZING if told in a bar while everyone is drunk. Still I chuckled and thank you for giving me something I didn’t have to read.

  2. Actually Melissa I thought your impressions were very funny’ and it must of been hard for you to keep a staight face. It made a nice change to listen to you, instead of reading about you. You came across as a lovely person with a great sence of Humour.. Best wishes Steve

  3. Motion picture archives and collections across the world would be poorer without copies of this video, which should forever be recognized as a defining example of American cinema. With its spirit of visual and narrative innovation, and Melissa Stetten’s precocious, towering central performance, Vlog attempt #1 completely lives up to its own reputation as the best internet video of all time.


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