Fun with Accutane!

I talk about Accutane like it’s the second coming of Christ. I took this notably controversial drug from February to August of 2010. What it does is PERMANENTLY remove acne by reducing the amount of oil released by glands in your skin, which in time helps your skin cells renew faster. It’s basically a shitload of Vitamin A. If you take it while pregnant your child will have 7 arms apparently, meh, a minor hindrance. The doctor makes you sign a release form called iPledge that takes all responsibility off the manufacturer if you kill yourself, because it also causes severe depression. I had blood samples taken monthly to monitor toxins in my liver, that was fun. It’s intrinsically a last-resort treatment if everything else you’ve tried has failed. Well, I tried everything possible for 10 years and ultimately gave in. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Before I took Accutane my agency in LA was constantly monitoring my skin for breakouts and wouldn’t send me on castings depending on my skin’s appearance. They pestered me to get on Accutane but I’ve heard awful things about it so I refused. I finally found cheap health insurance, saw a dermatologist who told me the negative reputation Accutane had was all bullshit, and within a week I was taking the devil pills. I was on 40mg daily, a fairly low dosage. The pills cost about $400 a month without insurance, insanely expensive. The second week of treatment my face looked like I was soaking my face in pizza nightly. Apparently this was the “purge cycle” where the bacteria gets pushed out from your face. Totally awesome. My lips were as dry as Cloris Leachman’s vagina and every hour I was applying aquaphor to them. If I even saw the sun my skin would burn instantly. My bones ached and I had headaches daily. I think my hair was falling out too. I cried a lot for no reason, so fun! I had an Australian fella named Jason who was a friend of a friend stay at my apt for a night while he was passing through. I kicked him out at 4am because his accent annoyed me and he left my coffee maker on. I punched a guy in the face at an LCD Soundsystem show because he called me a cunt for not selling my extra ticket to him.

It was all so worth it though! I’m not joking, it worked like a charm. My skin has been near perfect for over a year. I’ll occasionally get a small breakout every few months but it goes away within a day. Friends tell me I look like a completely different person from 2 years ago. The daily worrying about whether or not my skin is going to look like shit is gone. I couldn’t have asked for better results. I hope I don’t get cancer in 10 years though 😦


9 thoughts on “Fun with Accutane!

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  2. hey, i’ve just been on accutane. my derm put me on 20 mg a day. the first time i took it, I had a mild migraine. same thing happened with the second day. it’s kind of a relief to hear that someone with an accutane success story had headaches too. but would the migraine eventually subside (as your body ‘adapt’ to it, i guess)? i mean, did your headaches subside after some time?

  3. I am also an accutane success story. I took it in 2008. I get one zit around “that time of the month” and that’s about it. But of course now I shit bricks whenever I get a zit because I don’t remember how awful my skin used to be. Also, I had sleep paralysis every time I tried to nap during the day and I couldn’t get any tattoos while I was on it. Blah.

    But we’re all good now.

  4. i don’t know if it’s permanent. my friend and i have been on 2 courses of it, and it seems your skin can backslide after about 5 years. i did love the effects of it while i was on it though–worked amazingly where everything else failed.

  5. I had the best Accutane experience. Well, experiences. I had to do 3 cycles to get the skin I dreamed of. I didn’t even have the horrible side effects, just the dry lips. I was more depressed with bad skin than I could ever be on Accutane!

    But I have to tell you that years later, I do notice that I have trouble seeing at night. Meh. I’ll take it.

    • Can you explain this? I would love to hear what you mean by 3 cycles. Does that mean that you did the full course three times to get the results promised? If that’s true, how long did your doctor wait between cycles?
      I just finished 6 months of Accutane a month ago and though my skin looks better than it did, I am noticing that my face and hair are again getting really greasy. 😦

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  7. Fuck cancer. I hope to get your results. I just started taking the pill three days ago. Five months can’t come fast enough. I think I messed up though because I was taking it on an empty stomach. Eh.


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